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✧Commissions: OPEN
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Commissions Info

Thank gao for being interested in Tori's commisisons!
Current Status:
Logos - OPEN 0/5
Pixel Model- OPEN 1/3
Stream assets - Waitlist Open 1/1
ART - OPEN 0/3

Examples and Pricing

  • Prices are all examples and may change due to difficulty or deadline. This will all be talked about to the client privately. Feel free to DM Tori to ask for a general qoute.

  • For anything other than logos //Please note that artwork is only for simple drawings, i.e. wings, ears, accessories. For things like panel chibis and other illustrations will be subject to additional charges.

Commission Policy

  • These policies apply to all commission pieces except for the Live2D Pixel Model which will have it's own policies.

  • All payment is done via Paypal ONLY. Payment will be in £ (GBP) and is required UPFRONT

  • Tori has the right to decline any commission request. All requests are not a first come first served basis as she will only accept commissions that she feels she can do well.

  • Please credit Tori (@ToriThaiga when using any commission.

  • No refunds allowed once the commission has been completed. 25% refunds are allowed if the project has not been completed - commissioner cannot use the made assets. Full refunds are only allowed if Tori cannot finish the project or has not yet started the project.

  • All prices come with commercial use but credit must be given.

  • Other artist illustrations given to Tori must have prior permission from the artist to be used for the commission.

  • Editing of commissioned items is OK, but claiming full credit is not. Please credit/inform Tori if you do this.

  • Deadlines should be communicated to Tori before the commission - Commissions can take from 1 week-1 month depending on what and her current workload. A rush charge may be given if the deadline is less than 2 weeks.

  • No commission can be used for NFTS.

  • Changes to commissions can only be made during the commission process, unless Tori made an error that wasn't spotted by either her or the client at the time. (e.g no changes 3 months later because you changed your handle)

By sending a commissions form, you agree to the terms above!
If you have any questions just DM @ToriThaiga

-Commission Process-

LogoStream AssetsArtworkLive2D Pixel
Commission brief & ConfirmationCommission brief & ConfirmationCommission brief & ConfirmationCommission brief & Confirmation
Paypal invoice sentDesign draft sentSketch sentSketch sent Paypal invoice sent
Logo design finished and sentPaypal invoice sentPaypal invoice sentModel art completed and Rigging commences
Artwork made and sentArtwork made and sentLive Model completed 

Logos - £25-35

  • Tori focuses on more cutesy logos so more 'sharper' or 'cooler' designs may not be her forte. Logo commissions are not a First come First served basis as she's only comfortable doing ones she knows she can do a good job in. Please respect Tori's style!

Stream Assets - CLOSED

  • //Please note that artwork is only for simple drawings i.e. wings, ears, accessories. For things like panel chibis and other illustrations will be subject to additional charges. Please Provide Tori with your own illustrations for the screens.

FULL Streamer/Vtuber Set

  • Set includes:

  • Logo

  • Just chatting/gaming overlays

  • Panels (up to 6)

  • Screens (up to 4)

  • 1 stringer

  • Alert graphics

  • All optionally animated (Basic)

Panel - £5 (4 for £15)

Chibi head artists: @Guwumochi and @kidpeanuts (IG)

Alerts - £10

Chibi head artist: Pokacommish

Stringers (Animated) - £35+

Overlays - £15 (still)/£25+ (animated)

Screens - £15 (Still)/ £25+ (animated)

Artwork - OPEN

  • Chibis for Panels, alerts ect!

Emotes - £10 (3 for £25)

Detailed Food - £20

Crayon Style Chibi/Bust - £15

Full Chibi - £25

Live 2D Pixel Model - OPEN

  • Please note that all pixel models are NOT a first come first served basis and only models both Tori and Jae feel comfortable making.

  • All Models work only on VTubeStudios

Fully Rigged Model - £125-150+

  • Includes:

  • 3/4 Head movement, up and down

  • A,E,I,O,U Mouth movement

  • X, Z and Basic Y movement

  • Basic Physics - Hair, body, eyes

  • Base Expression Toggles - Tears, Angry, Blush, Grimace, Sparkle Eyes

Extra Expressions - £5-10

  • Price depending on complexity

Extra Outfit - £25

  • Price depending on complexity. Due to the Chibi-fied nature, some details may not be included

Animations - Upon Discussion

Model information

  • This is a joint commission between Tori (ART) and Jae Kazekawa (Rigging). Base model art is currently not avaliable on it's own.

  • Models will be choosen from applied forms and contacted within 5 days of application if choosen.

  • Please have references or ideas avaliable. Character design charges will apply if there are no avaliable references.

  • Model will take approx ~1 month to create. Please let Tori know any specific deadlines. Rush charges may apply for models needed within 2 weeks.

  • You will recieve - PSD of model, VtubeStudio File of Rigged model.

  • Only a maximum of 3 revisions allowed during the art phase.

  • Chibi models will have simplified outfits where needed.

  • Credits MUST be given when in use.

  • Tori is still new at making models hence the lower price so please be paitent with her and any mistakes!

  • All communication will be done through Tori's account!

  • Commerical use is included within the price.

  • No refunds avaliable after the model art has been completed.

  • No reselling of completed models without premission first - The model must not be sold for higher than the purchase price.

  • By filling out the form, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.

All About Tori the Thai-ga

Birthday : 29th July (199?)Height : 164cmSpecies : Tiger (Specifically the Indochinese Tiger population from Thailand)Locale : England, UK (GMT/BST)

  • The Story of a Food-loving Tiger.

  • Tori was born within the safe confines of a sanctuary in the forests Thailand. As a young and growing cub, would look forward to her daily meal times.

  • As a young tiger she was moved as part of a conservation project to England, United Kingdom at a undisclosed zoo. Watching and learning how humans were like Tori lived a carefree life...

  • Until one day, a visitor to the zoo wanting to get a reaction from the tiger threw a fried chicken drumstick into her enclosure. Unsure with what to do she did her best to avoid the tempting treat. That was until she got a whiff of the delicious smell of the 10 herbs and spices within that one drumstick. Unable to hold back, Tori gorged herself and since then her life was changed.

  • Unable to forget that delicious taste and imagining the other wonderful meals of the world. Tori made her great escape from the zoo. Though the hungry tiger soon learnt that free-roaming apex predators. Unable to eat the meals she craved so much, Tori encountered the magical English fairies she would hear in folklore - They found her plight amusing enough to grant her temporary abilities to turn -partially- human for small portions of the day so she would be able to do all the things she was not able to.

  • Thus the hungry tiger ventured into the human world as much as she could, finding it hard to befriend others due to her ever shifting form. Tori found the world of V-tubing, an ability to meet others even with her large paws.

  • Thus Tori the Tiger sets her eyes on being the best V-tuber Cook in the world; All while filling her stomach with the world's most wonderous meals.

Model Credits

✧Main mama Kaxukin
✧Leg mama Kikoshaula
✧Live2DPapa Dannayy5
✧Alt Tiger Model Melwina17
✧3D Model kru8ty
✧3D Low-Poly Model Chained_Tan
✧3D Tiger Model FelineEntity
✧Pixel Model Papa Jae Kazekawa

General Stream Credits

✧ Just Chatting BG Scennique
✧Main BGM Eru
✧Pixel BGM ZaneLittleMusic
✧Food art on screen Itadaki_Yasu
✧ Chatbox coding Designed by teacuppity and coded by WonderPenguin
✧Stream Alert & Website Chibi head Art Guwumochi

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